Common lighting problems and their solutions

Light will always be important in any home. It allows for activities and interaction during night time, and complements natural light during day time. For this reason, when lighting issues occur, an area of a home can look gloomy, and even unusable.

Here are some common lighting issues and their possible solutions:

1. Flickering lights – Flickering lights can either be a normal occurrence or indicative of a problem in the home electrical system. For instance, a sudden draw of current can cause lights to flicker although everything is working perfectly fine electrical-wise. However, it could also mean that there may be some serious problems in the electrical connection. Electrical experts say, when flickering happens a lot it could mean a possible overheating due to loose wiring connections supporting the circuit that serves the lightbulb. It could also mean a failing switch. In which case, these possibilities should be ruled out by a licensed electrician.

2. Dimming Lights – Suddenly dimming lights can also mean nothing, or it could also mean a serious electrical issue. For instance if there is an inclement weather and the power grid in your area is affected by it, then it could be just that. However, it could also mean that the electrical circuits in your home is overloaded, or there may be wiring problems such as loose, frayed,  or corroded wirings – all of which need immediate attention from a licensed electrician contractor.

3. Light bulbs that get too hot – Light bulbs that get burned or is too hot to touch can be a fire hazard. A news feature published by the Los Angeles Times explained why. “Very few homeowners understand that the wattage rating labels in light fixtures should be taken seriously. Failure to do so can result in damage to the fixture and/or insulation on the electrical supply wires. This can result in an electric shock or fire. Ceiling light fixtures are especially vulnerable to overheating because heat rises, posing a risk even at relatively low bulb watt-ages.” 

4. Light bulb gets easily burned out – While it may be possible that the bulb you purchased is sub-standard, an easily busted light bulb can also mean that it was incorrectly installed. If it was installed way too tightly, when the bulb you used is too high for the wattage of the fixture, or the ceiling where it is installed keeps on vibrating. What is more problematic though is that it could also mean poor wiring. For your peace of mind, get a licensed electrician contractor check your electrical system even before this becomes a major concern.

There are many other possible problems that can occur on home lights. It is best though to not shrug these off and consult an electrician when needed.

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